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Wine Wisdom

Welcome to the our little world of Wine Wisdom.Wine wisdom is our attempt to pass on some of the more interesting facts, history and processes that make the wine, that we so covet, so very special. Wine is made in many different styles, methods and is made in every region of the planet. There is a lot of history and lore dating back to ancient civilizations and many winemakers and growers have stories to tell and we hope to present a little of that here. Some of the articles will be unique to here but all of our technicle articles and interviews from our newsletter will be posted here for future reading. We will add a searchable database in the future when the article list gets longer. We appreciate any input and / or suggestions and if you have an article that you think might interest other Wine Connosieurs, we would love to review it and if we think it is worthy we will post it on our site with your byline and send you a bottle of wine as our thanks. Please send all articles to the submission form below the current article links.

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