The Terms and Conditions

All sales are subject to the following terms and conditions

Orders Are Subject To Availability

Wines advertised on this site are subject to sale and availability and are limited to existing inventory.


We reserve the right to limit quantities.


All prices are subject to change without notice. We also reserve the right to change incorrect pricing due to typographical errors. Please check with your salesperson to insure correct pricing. Most prices for wine, liquor, and nonalcoholic beverages are pre-discounted. Some wines may also get a further case discount.


Liquid Partyworks reserves the right to arbitrate and mandate shipping procedures and assumes no liability for any misunderstanding for the above provisions or of shipping laws pertaining to individual states. Please call (818) 709-5019 for all shipping rates and information.

Additional Shipping Fees and Surcharges

Warning! Please verify your shipping addresses when filling out your order. If any portion of the shipping address you provide is wrong, you may be charged a $6.00 fee at a future date. The Shipping companies charge us a fee for address changes. Additional charges apply to residential delivery (home based businesses are considered residental). Basket shipments may incur an oversize package surcharge. Rush orders may incur additional charges.

Legal age requirement

Wines and other alcoholic beverages may be sold and delivered only to persons over the age of 21. BY ORDERING FROM THIS WEBSITE, YOU AFFIRM THAT YOU ARE AT LEAST 21 YEARS OLD. Liquid Wine and Spirits and Liquid Partyworks, Inc makes every effort to ensure that alcoholic beverages are not delivered to anyone who is under the age of 21. ALL ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES THAT WE SHIP ON YOUR BEHALF MUST BE RECEIVED AND SIGNED FOR BY AN ADULT OF LEGAL DRINKING AGE. WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO DELIVER TO A BUSINESS ADDRESS TO REDUCE THE LIKELIHOOD OF FAILED DELIVERY. If the wine is returned to us for failure to provide positive proof of age, the customer is responsible for paying all related shipping charges.

Interstate shipping

Many states have laws prohibiting or severely restricting the shipment of wine into their states from elsewhere in the country. Therefore, unfortunately we are not able to ship wine or other alcoholic beverages—to the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Dakota, Oklahom, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas and Utah.

All wines are sold in California and title passes to buyer in California. We make no representation as to the legal right of anyone to ship or import wines into any state or country outside of California. By placing an order with us, you authorize Liquid Wine and Spirits and Liquid Partyworks, Inc to act on your behalf to engage a common carrier to deliver your order to you. If you wish to ship to another state, you assume all responsibility for determining whether you may lawfully import alcoholic beverages into that state. As interstate shipping laws are constantly changing, you may want to check with the appropriate agency in your state or county. Our acknowledgment of an order is not a guarantee that we will ultimately be able to ship wine to you. If we are unable to ship wine to the state you request, we will notify you before processing your order to determine whether you wish to proceed.


We do not honor returns on wines which have been improperly stored, or otherwise mishandled, nor do we honor wine that has been out of the store for longer than 60 days. We do however take returns on wines which are obviously flawed and store credit is given is such cases. However, we reserve the right to decide what constitutes a flawed wine.


Our carriers levy a small surcharge for delivery to residential addresses. The customer is responsible for correctly identifying address type (residence or business); charge-backs that we receive from our carriers due to incorrect identification by the customer will be billed back to the customer. If a customer provides incorrect shipping address information which causes a failed delivery attempt, our primary carriers UPS and FedEx charge a $11 PENALTY PER PACKAGE for address corrections, which will also be billed back to the customer.

Credit card billing

Liquid Wine and Spirits and Liquid Partyworks, Inc requires that the customer's billing address match the billing address associated with the credit card used for payment of an order. If necessary, please update your billing address during checkout to match the address on file with your credit card issuer.


Please call for information on cancelled orders. They may be subject to a fee.

Weather and Other

While we pack our shipments in styrofoam or fibre approved shippers and check the weather regularly on, Liquid Wine and Spirits and is not liable for any damages to goods caused by weather conditions and other "Acts of God" during transportation. Although all of our shipments are insured, most shipping companies do not pay temperature related shipping claims. Because weather conditions vary by geographic area and can change drastically at any time, we also assume no liability for damage caused by changes in weather during transportation. "Acts of God" include catastrophes such as, but not limited to: plane crashes, unforeseeable delays or accidents, destruction due to domestic and international unrest (i.e. riots, war, terrorism) confiscation, quarantine or natural disaster. The experienced staff of the shipping department at Liquid Wine and Spirits takes every precaution to insure safe transit of goods requested by our customers.

If you wish to ship other than as recommended by the Liquid Shipping department, we will do so only with a completed liability release form, which is available online or fax and must be signed and faxed back to (818) 998-7312.